Our Vision

   To help create a place . . . . . where everyone . . . . . lives in peace and harmony

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Islam In Action aims to spread compassion and peace throughout the world by working to combat poverty, crime, hatred and extremism, by following the teaching of Islam that teaches us to love not only for your brother what you love for yourself, but rather humanity entirely. Islam states clearly that God does not look at our shape, colour, wealth, but he looks to our heart, meaning that what is valued by The Almighty, is a heart full of love and compassion to His creation, to human beings, animals, trees, etc.

Our Mission

To build bridges and break down barriers, showing others the beauty of Islam, through action and informative literature  
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To help meet other needs (poverty, famine, war victims, diseases, etc.)
Compassion  In order for everyone to have the right to live in dignity, Islam has taught us that in our income there is a share for those who are less well off, that wealth belongs to the needy, it is their right, and we must give it to them, according to the teachings of Islam.

Islam in Action,

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