The Peace Cafe Project

Want to help set up a peace cafe near you? Or why not order free dawah material?

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Call With Wisdom

Time for a new approach.

With all of this conflict, we are in desperate need of peace.We are a new Dawah organisation focussed on reviving the sunnan of Dawah. the prophetic methodology. We offer training and free materials to Dawah teams.
The peace cafe is an initiative started by I.I.A. This is where free tea and coffee and other items are offered before any dialogue or leaflets. Work on building bridges first, as often we lose site of our perception to non Muslims. We forget the prophet often gave even to combatants fighting against Him, how should we be with a community that allows us to practice our faith and where we even have thousands of masajid?. Even when we disagree we should maintain good conduct with each other... Call With Wisdom.

Free Dawah Pack

Delivery only £5.00

Containing 100 copies of each of the following, and more. Chapter Mary (Surah Maryam), The Kingdom (Surah Mulk), Luqman The Wise (Surah Luqman). All booklets in the English language.

The Kingdom 500 Pack


Surah Mulk rendered into English. Covering the dominion of Allah, the day of judgement, hellfire, signs of Allah. The back contains evidence of The Prophet in The Bible.

Luqman The Wise 500 Pack


The Surah named after Luqman Al Hakeem rendered into English. Good for Muslim and Non-Muslim alike. Covers importance of Tawheed, avoidance of shirk, kindness towards parents, manners and more....

Chapter Mary 500 Pack


Chapter Mary was the chapter recited to Najashi in Habasha. From the Makkan era, it is from wisdom to give this chapter to people from a Christian or Jewish background, including people who are now athiest.

500 copies

Large Dawah Pack


300 x Chapter Mary (Surah Maryam) 300 x The Kingdom (Surah Mulk) 300 x Luqman The Wise (Surah Luqman) 500 x You do not believe till you love for humanity hadith flyers 500 x The Night Chapter flyers (Surahtil Zilzalah on back) 100 x Oneness of God Flyers

Dawah Roller Banner Set


4 Banners, 1 x Oneness of God, 2 x You don't know him (About The Prophet), 3 x Pillars of Eman 4 x Pillars of Islam

Want to print the material yourself?

Why not print our material yourself? We can refer you to a printing company or work together to print the chapter you wish. Our material is available for download, so feel free to print yourself. We request the text not be changed, if a change is made it should be made clear it was not from the original author. Contact us for any more detailed needs.

Peace Cafe Set up including Tent


Tent, Banners, Flasks, Chairs etc.