Islam is profoundly against terror

“Whoever slays a soul, unless it is (with legal cause) in retaliation
or for terror in the land, it is as though he killed all of mankind,
and whoever saves a life, it is as though he saved all of mankind”
The Qur’an -5:32

The Prophet against terror

The Prophet spoke directly about such terrorists by calling them “Dogs of the hellfire” (Ibn Majah)"

The Messenger of God urged us to be merciful and compassionate to all creatures: to be merciful to the ignorant by our knowledge, to the poor by our wealth, to the elders by our respect, and to the young by our compassion, and to the animals by our magnanimity.
Those who have mercy on those on earth are the merciful ones, The Most Merciful bestows His mercy on them. The Messenger of God orbade oppression and called for compassion. Have mercy on those on earth so that the One above the heavens will have mercy on you.  Support our vision of advertising on the public transport systems  in every major city in the western hemisphere.


Islam teaches us to bring peace on earth, and to eradicate the forces of terror and stop them before they even root.
From knife and gun crime, to acts of terrorism, we are focused on eradicating terror wherever it raises its ugly head.

We advocate for a wiser policy, more earnest consultation, and for a more noble interaction by those who seek to lead mankind.

Our Project

Advertising campaign
Help us to help fight terrorism by advertising on public transport and spreading the texts of Islam against terror itself


We have written publications dealing with this topic and wish to print and distribute to the Muslim community and also to the wider society.
Peace Cafe initiative
A goal of the peace cafe initiative is to stop terror and build a bridge between communities, to show unequivocaly that Islam is utterly against terrorism